Million Turnover
Due to the increase in the demand in the real estate sector and the decrease in demand, the revenue of the construction companies in the market is divided and the number of customers visiting the sales office is decreasing despite the millions of Turkish Liras spent in advertisement.But are you aware of the vital importance of a sales team with the necessary knowledge, experience and deposition at a time when the customer is so valuable?
  • Investigates
    • Conducts a check-up on the project, determines the strengths and weaknesses of the project
    • If the project development phase is not completed, puts and develops diagnostics for developing project in the criteria suitable for customer expectations
    • Makes region competitive analysis
    • Performs location-based Target Audience analysis
  • Improves
    • Determines Project Segment
    • Improves Project Positioning Strategies
    • Project name, logo and corporate identity configuration
    • Makes project Goodwill and price study
    • Creates price increase scenarios
    • Prepare sales rate scenarios
    • Prepares sales agreement and annexes
    • Creates marketing communication calendar and budget
    • Prepares the launch media plan
    • Makes the project model, catalog, inserts and the work of advertisements
    • Identifies the concept of sales office (showroom)
    • Customer Tracking System (CRM System)
    • Develops project’s press launch management strategy
    • Improves pre-sales action plan
  • Implements
    • Creates project website and manages social media accounts
    • Creates and manages the Sales Team
    • Establishes and manages Customer Tracking System
    • Applies pre-sales action plan
    • Manages sales team performance and premium system
    • Makes price increments suitable with the planning
    • Makes sales contracts
    • Performs finance follow-up coordinated with relevant units
  • Assesses
    • Determines and evaluates monthly marketing budget
    • Evaluates the monthly sales performance and reports
    • Evaluates the sales performance of competitive projects and reports
    • Analyzes the market and reports
    • Reports the breakdown of visitors by type
    • Reports the source of visitors’ information
    • Reports visitors' purpose of purchasing
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